Anyone who knows me, would have heard me excitedly chatting about my ideas for converting my loft. Only problem is this project is a long way off (I need money, honey).  A lack of funds ain’t gonna stop this girl from having lofty-ambitions. Let me show you around my dream loft.

When planning a kitchen re-design, it’s easy to get excited over units, fittings and appliances but completely forget about daylight. This is silly really, when natural light can make a room feel bigger and brighter. When it came to my own kitchen makeover, my builder came up with an ingenious idea to allow more light into my room. […]

  • Anna International - Love this! We are moving our kitchen from a tiny underground galley to our dining room, and just yesterday our builders added a new window at the back of the house (which faces south) which has made a HUGE difference to the amount of light in the room. I literally cannot wait to be washing up in front of it! (Never thought I would be excited about washing up). So I completely agree – considering window placement and changing it up if you don’t have the light you want is so important and also, pretty easy really if you have a decent builder! Hope my kitchen turns out half as beautiful as yours, and congrats on the Pinterest shortlisting! x28th April 2017 – 4:49 pmReplyCancel

  • sharon - Wow… loving the new kitchen, great idea moving the window. I live in Brighton and would love to know the name of the builder you use. Congrats and good luck on the Pinterest shortlisting. x30th April 2017 – 2:33 amReplyCancel

    • WeLoveHomeBlog - Hey Sharon. Thanks for he kind words. My builder was John Westlake 🙂 I rate him highly11th May 2017 – 5:10 pmReplyCancel

  • Candy Pop - What an amazing job! Your kitchen is gorgeous – I love all the details. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. x12th May 2017 – 3:31 pmReplyCancel

  • Kimberly ~ Swoon Worthy - Ahhh you just can’t beat more light in a space! I adore your kitchen, it’s just fantastic and adding a new window made the world of difference! Happily, the previous owners had replaced all ours so I’ve never had to worry about it but it’s good to know that it wasn’t actually too difficult a job 🙂 xx12th May 2017 – 3:52 pmReplyCancel

  • Carole King - Your kitchen is inspiring. I’m not surprised Pinterest have shortlisted it. And such a cute dog too x12th May 2017 – 4:20 pmReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - This is such a great kitchen makeover, I love you have gone for such a different sink and tap style. It looks amazing!12th May 2017 – 5:24 pmReplyCancel

  • Geraldine - What a beautiful makeover. Congrats on the Pinterest shortlist.12th May 2017 – 5:39 pmReplyCancel

    • WeLoveHomeBlog - Thank you Geraldine15th May 2017 – 11:14 amReplyCancel

  • Fresh Design Blog - Great tips, I totally agree. Light is so important and if you can find a way to add more natural light into a room, you’re onto a winner. Your kitchen looks fab!13th May 2017 – 12:51 amReplyCancel

  • Stacey Sheppard - Blimey, who would have thought that moving a window could have such a big impact. Your kitchen is just gorgeous. It looks so bright and airy now. I love all the copper accents too.13th May 2017 – 7:00 amReplyCancel

    • WeLoveHomeBlog - It has made a major impact on my kitchen! Love my window. Have a lovely day.15th May 2017 – 11:13 amReplyCancel

It’s easy to get be overwhelmed when on a city break. Hours of walking around churches, museums, shops can mean you miss out on seeing the real side of a city.  That’s why on my recent Eurostar trip to Paris, I decided on a fresh approach – call it ‘A Travel State Of Mind’. It’s a check list of ideas […]

  • Old fashioned Susie - Looks like you had such an amazing trip! I love the saying YES to stuff24th April 2017 – 11:34 amReplyCancel

  • karen jones - What a fab video ! Really gives a sense of the place. I am yet to visit Paris, but this certainly gives me inspiration. I love your pics too. xx24th April 2017 – 12:29 pmReplyCancel

    • WeLoveHomeBlog - You have to go. It’s the best place to take photos25th April 2017 – 2:57 pmReplyCancel

  • Cate - What a wonderful trip. The hashtags are great and I love that you made some friends and are going to Austin next year, that’s brilliant!x24th April 2017 – 4:09 pmReplyCancel

  • Geraldine - Such pretty photos and love your skirt too x24th April 2017 – 7:49 pmReplyCancel

    • WeLoveHomeBlog - Thank you x25th April 2017 – 2:56 pmReplyCancel

  • Kate - Oh I do love Paris in the springtime! Looks like you had a marvellous time and I certainly can get on board with all your fab tips here. Definitely making me want to plan my next jaunt, been a few years since I was last there x24th April 2017 – 10:43 pmReplyCancel

  • Carole King - Loots like you had a great weekend Maxine. Love your red skirt! x25th April 2017 – 12:05 pmReplyCancel

  • Fresh Design Blog - It looks you had a lovely time! I totally agree with looking up, it’s so often overlooked (even in places you think you know).25th April 2017 – 4:16 pmReplyCancel

    • WeLoveHomeBlog - Thank you x29th April 2017 – 12:08 pmReplyCancel

  • Karen - Making Spaces - What an awesome trip!
    I went through a phase of saying “yes” to everything and it was a really positive time. Difficult to keep up though. Paris looks beautiful. I’ve been twice before, but never really seen anything that blew me away. Maybe I need to go back again!25th April 2017 – 4:37 pmReplyCancel

    • WeLoveHomeBlog - Take the hubby and a floaty skirt and go.29th April 2017 – 12:07 pmReplyCancel

  • Arianna - These are so pretty hun and you look amazing! I adore that red skirt on you! I so Love Paris xxx8th May 2017 – 10:31 amReplyCancel

Hey – it’s a long time since I’ve put up a simple project on the blog. It’s all been about the big projects – kitchens, bathrooms and my staircase. I wanted to share a simple project that I did last year, that even the most DIY-shy can do. And the best bit? It takes MOMENTS to […]

Even though I work in interiors for a living, when it came to planning my own kitchen – I discovered so much. From start to finish, the whole project totally made me re-think how to design a kitchen. Here are my 10 essential kitchen planning tips that I unearthed when planning my own kitchen. Learn what I did right (and […]

  • Daniel - The copper pipe working detailing looks great, I haven’t seen it used before. I guess you can use virtually anything if you’re creative enough.31st March 2017 – 9:39 amReplyCancel

  • Stacey - You list a lot a good tips! Love your copper accents, those copper handles look so good! I am a fan of open shelving and it really works in a small kitchen. I recently read this article, and it also had good advice for anyone with a small kitchen: April 2017 – 3:56 pmReplyCancel

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