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What? Another alternative Christmas Tree idea, I hear you say? Hurrah! We love them too. This one is more hands on than the last one I posted, perfect for you creative types or for crafty family times. I think it is perfect for the kitchen or a kid

What? Another super sexy alternative Christmas Tree idea, I hear you say? Hurrah! We love them too. This one is more hands on than the last one I told you about over here. It’s perfect for you creative types or for crafty family times. I think it is perfect for the kitchen or a kid’s room where a tree isn’t always suitable but you still want some Christmas touches. I might try and do one idea a week in the run up to Christmas…or am I getting carried away here?

Below is my easy how-to guide below (with pictures) on how to make one yourself.  One lucky person can win a complete kit thanks to B+Q who have provided all the materials for someone to make one tree at home.

What? Another alternative Christmas Tree idea, I hear you say? Hurrah! We love them too. This one is more hands on than the last one I posted, perfect for you creative types or for crafty family times. I think it is perfect for the kitchen or a kid

This is the kit you’ll need….Christmas lights, Christmas Decorations. And then some hooks, chalk and chalkboard paint. Simples!

What? Another alternative Christmas Tree idea, I hear you say? Hurrah! We love them too. This one is more hands on than the last one I posted, perfect for you creative types or for crafty family times. I think it is perfect for the kitchen or a kid

Start with a chalkboard background – this can either be directly painted on to the wall or I like the idea of painting a large piece of cardboard that you can then prop up on your mantlepiece.

For the chalk tree part, lightly sketch out the desired shape on to your wall {you can copy the pattern above). I think doing it freehand will adds personality as it is not so perfect….but that is just me. If you love a neater line, then use a ruler. My tip: keep a damp cloth to hand to wipe away any mistakes.

When you are happy with the shape, go over your outline to make the design more prominent.

What? Another alternative Christmas Tree idea, I hear you say? Hurrah! We love them too. This one is more hands on than the last one I posted, perfect for you creative types or for crafty family times. I think it is perfect for the kitchen or a kid

Next – is the important bit – you need to decide where you want your decorations. Do you want a few dotted across your design? Or would you prefer your tree to have a lot more? I think this tree is a great way to show off your most treasured baubles or special ones the kids have made. Once you’ve picked out the perfect spot, attach some sticky hooks like the ones pictured above, these will be for your lights and your baubles.

What? Another alternative Christmas Tree idea, I hear you say? Hurrah! We love them too. This one is more hands on than the last one I posted, perfect for you creative types or for crafty family times. I think it is perfect for the kitchen or a kid

To decorate, drape your lights from top to bottom, as you would with a real tree and then fill in the gaps with the decorations of your choice. Battery powered ones would be perfect for this! Finish with a light and a star at the top. If you need a little more help – you can watch the how-to video here.

There you go – the perfect Alternative Christmas tree!  Love this as much as me, then need to check my crazy Pinterest board – dedicated to Alternative Christmas Tree ideas.

Follow’s board [Alternative] Christmas trees on Pinterest.

The project will take you about 2 hours with drying time. We love Alternative Christmas trees at WeLoveHome. If you’re quick, you can still enter my other competition to win a piece of Christmas Tree art.

How to win you very own kit provided by the rather lovely team at B+Q?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**T+C: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. This is a competition for one winner to win one kit of the following: All the decorations in the image. 1 x set of fairy lights. 1 small tin of chalkboard paint. 1 x pack of sticky hooks.  (Not included is the home items in the bottom of the pic, chalk or the materials you would need to do the painting.). When entering this competition you are also signing up to WeLoveHomeBlog’s newsletter. If you wish to not be included on my mailing list, then please just get in touch and I will remove you. Thank you . Competition ends on 10.12.15. The winner will be picked at random. Each means to enter increases your chance of winning.  The winner will be contacted by myself where you will be asked for your postal address. The prize itself will be sent out by B+Q – and they will be taking full responsibility of this. I will inform them within one working week of the competition closing who won. Winner will be announced on my all my social media channels.

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  • Sarah Archibald - I have a daughter who is nearly 4, we collect toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes, egg cartons etc and turn them in to snowmen and christmas trees, paint pine cones green and add stars to the top to look like trees, I love all sorts of crafts for little ones.8th December 2015 – 8:52 pmReplyCancel

  • Samantha Atherton - little birds using felt & feathers & ribbons8th December 2015 – 9:11 pmReplyCancel

  • Alica - We always make our own gift tags 🙂8th December 2015 – 9:13 pmReplyCancel

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  • caroline tokes - i love making xmas cake9th December 2015 – 12:26 amReplyCancel

  • Kayleigh - Mince pies. It always reminds me of time spent at my nans.9th December 2015 – 8:07 amReplyCancel

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  • Kirsteen Mackay - I like to make paper chains with my children using fancy printed papers.9th December 2015 – 9:37 amReplyCancel

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